The Nosferatu were only the beginning.

Now an even deadlier threat emerges.

The Weretigers of the Sacred Clan hid in plain sight for centuries. Their new leader plans to show the world who the apex predators truly are.

When a Weretiger attacks in rural Japan, Akio springs into action to deliver the Queen’s justice.

Is this a random occurrence? Or the first move in a war that’s been brewing for centuries?

A ghost from Akio’s past rises from the wreckage.

He watched this person die horribly decades before.

Now, a Forsaken who wears the face of Akio’s lost love rampages across China.

Akio races against forces bent on destruction to find this haunting memory made flesh before they do.

Will he succeed? And if he does, will he find his lost love?

Or a Forsaken he’ll have to destroy?

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About the Author
Charles Tillman

with Michael Anderle

Charles Tillman writes stories in multiple subgenres of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He has always been an avid reader and in 2018 answered a call for short story submissions and his story was accepted for an anthology.


Thank you for stopping by. I suppose I should start by telling you a little about me

I have lead an eclectic life, to say the least. Fresh out of high school, three days after graduation, I was at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas for basic training. After basic, I spent a few years as a Loadmaster on C-130 aircraft in the MS Air National Guard. It was a great gig for a young man and I got to see a whole lot of the world as a guard bum. I had a blast and got paid to do it.

Realizing it was time to settle down and get a ""real"" job I spent the next twenty-six plus years working in law enforcement. I saw the best and the worst in humanity during those years. The things that one human being is capable of doing to another is mindblowing. I won more battles than I lost and came out on the other end with some scars but mostly intact and most importantly...Retired.

During those years reading Fantasy and Science Fiction was my escape from reality and my sanity saver. I read everything I could find that had magic or space ships in it. The farther away from the real world the better.

In 2018 I answered a call for short story submissions in an existing urban fantasy universe created by two authors who were opening their world up for us fans to play in. In late 2018 my story was accepted and on April 16, 2019, I became a published author thanks to Michael Anderle and Martha Carr's generosity in allowing me to write in their world.

That was the first but most assuredly not the last story that I will write. I am currently working on a couple of projects that are the kind of books I like, and hope you will too, to read.

Thank you for stopping by and keep a lookout for things to come.


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