Southwest Days

Southwest Days

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, but there’s even less for those hunting them.

A surprise message about Lyssa’s brother from the island home of the sorcerers destroys her new-found balance. She’s obsessed with finding out the truth about what happened to him, and that means investigating her own people.

Nothing gets done in the world of sorcery without calling on favors. When a report of a bizarre attack in southern Arizona surfaces, Lyssa has a chance to earn some political points and make the world a little safer. She never expects a quick investigation of an abandoned mine might turn into a fight for her life against bizarre creatures.

Evil comes in many forms, and a woman can’t always avoid a trap by knowing it’s coming.

It’s time for a monster hunt in southern Arizona, but Lyssa isn’t so sure the real monsters don’t walk on two legs.

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About the Author
Kal Aaron

with Michael Anderle

Kal Aaron loves a good challenge, whether it's intelligence analysis, programming, or research science. After years of bouncing around the academic and corporate worlds, he was blessed with a family and the rare opportunity to make a living telling entertaining lies.

When not imagining dangerous fantasy worlds, he spends his time in the deserts of the American Southwest with his feisty wife, children, and pet bird.

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