The Mists

The Mists

Defeating the world-ending demon was only the beginning.

Now Maine must wrestle with the very fabric of reality.

Maine defeated the Corrupter, saved the world, and is dating the man of her dreams. Things should be smooth sailing from now on. She deserves a boring, normal-ish life, doesn’t she?

Fate has other ideas in mind.

The defeat of the Corrupter left a power void that needs to be filled.

A strange mist surrounds Rainwater. Most dismiss it as a weird weather phenomenon, but creatures who enter the mists don’t leave the same.

Maine has no choice but to figure out why the returned are enhanced as she fights powered-up mythical creatures and a Baba Yaga cabin with giant T-Rex legs.

As if that wasn't enough, Maine discovers that the mist has been sent by Chaos himself.

What’s that phrase about the hardest battles being reserved for the strongest warriors?

Maine, Noff, Sage, and their allies must stand up and fight once again. The danger posed by Chaos isn’t a threat to bring about the end of days…

It’s threatening the end of all existence.

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Ramy Vance

About Ramy Vance
Ramy Vance is a Canadian who lives in Edinburgh with his wife, a four year old demon and imaginary dog. He enjoys a beautiful city, whisky (Scottish spelling, not mine) and long walks. He writes kickass Urban Fantasy thrillers set in the GoneGod World (and elsewhere). Currently his greatest aspirations are writing more stories and finally get that real dog so he can have an excuse to go on even more long walks.

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