Trolling Prisons

Trolling Prisons

Maine is in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

For once, the prisoner’s cry of “innocence” is true. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Being there of her own free will doesn’t change the fact that she’s locked up in a mythical prison, surrounded by the worst of the worst.

Disguised as an oni demon, Maine hopes to find the key to Chaos’ realm.

That key could be Earth’s last chance of survival, and it’s being held by the creature who killed her father.

Turns out mythical prisons are just as gang-ridden as human ones. Except here, people don’t use a shiv. They use a fireball.

Can Maine survive prison politics and terrible food long enough to find the key? Or will she be metaphorically stabbed in the back in the form of a disintegration spell?

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About the Author
Ramy Vance

About Ramy Vance
Ramy Vance is a Canadian who lives in Edinburgh with his wife, a four year old demon and imaginary dog. He enjoys a beautiful city, whisky (Scottish spelling, not mine) and long walks. He writes kickass Urban Fantasy thrillers set in the GoneGod World (and elsewhere). Currently his greatest aspirations are writing more stories and finally get that real dog so he can have an excuse to go on even more long walks.

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