The Sinister Onslaught

The Sinister Onslaught

In the mysterious alleyways of Montreal, Jack Calisto and his Black Gate team battle demons emerging from portals, their motives as chilling as the night air.

When an electrifying nightclub evening is disrupted by a monstrous hybrid, is this the alarming comeback of a known foe?

And has the real clash for the realms truly started?

Samantha Tempestade's world of magical alchemy is thrown into disarray by suspicions and shadowy whispers. But when her training grounds become the stage for a confrontation with a deadly hybrid, her skills and her bond with David are put to the test.

From the rooftops of Montreal to the vibrant streets of Paris, portals beckon and demons threaten. As whispers of abductions fill the air, the Black Gate members confront a chilling vision of Ivilis's nightmarish designs on both the human and sorcerer realms.

As looming conflicts draw near and lurking dangers multiply, how will Sam, David, Romero, and Iris chart their path through a history of feuds, emerging partnerships, and age-old malevolence?

Will they unveil the enigma in the nick of time, or are the realms destined for engulfing shadows?

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About the Author
Isobella Crowley

with Michael Anderle

Hi, my name is Isobella Crowley... but only my mum calls me Isobella. Everyone else calls me Izzie.

And yes, I said mum, not mom - which tells you I'm from England. Bicester (near Oxford) to be exact. Like Scarlett in "A Very British Witch".

I also love all things Wiccan and magical. I taught myself how to use tarot cards when I was 8. Also learned a bunch about astrology, so it seemed only natural that I'd end up writing about a girl who finds out she's a Wiccan by descent, and spends her free time in a real life magical book shop.

The wine shop she works in is based on an adorable little vintners in Eton... just the other side of the bridge from Windsor. If you ever visit there, be sure to check it out. The guy who owns it knows EVERYTHING about wine. And he's kinda cute.

Ok, that's a little about me. I'm also on facebook, and would love to connect with you. Hope you enjoy reading these stories!

Izzie <3

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