The Treacherous Alchemy

The Treacherous Alchemy

Samantha Tempestade returns to Le Paris Magic Academie, haunted by the loss of her friend.

She has a new conviction and outlook, a purpose for her education that is for more than simple charms and tricks: revenge. As she embarks upon her new path training as a battle mage, she is determined to seek justice and uncover the secrets of the organization responsible for Lily's death.

Can she navigate this treacherous world without losing herself in the process?

As Samantha trains with a former member of the elite Black Gate, she learns the importance of a more aggressive magical style.

The pursuit of vengeance could cost her everything she holds dear. Her hard-earned skills might not be enough to help her face the lurking threats surrounding her as she navigates the challenges of friendship, love, and the ultimate quest for justice.

Can she trust her new allies with her deepest secrets? Or will the dark forces gathering in the shadows prevail?

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