Titan’s Judgement

Titan’s Judgement

Everything has led to this…

…But only one warrior will win.

The three forces converge on Earth: de Finita, The AllSeer, and Prometheus.

Behind them lay the wreckage of millions of lives and planets burned to ashes.

In front of each?

The greatest empire known to mankind. Destiny.

In the final book of this epic saga, who will achieve victory? Can Prometheus deliver an empire to the AllMother?

Or does fate have him marked for death?

Find out now.

In the last book in this military space opera, the war ends. Grab it now, because you’ll love finding out who wins and who dies.


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About the Author
David Beers

with Michael Anderle

David Beers is an Amazon best selling writer, with over 25 novels to his name. He writes thriller, horror, and sci-fi books in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, he obsesses over stories in the news about unexplained deaths and paranormal happenings to the point that his friends and family wonder if he should see a psychiatrist.

Before publishing novels, David received awards for his short fiction seen in numerous publications, including the New York Times mentioned Every Day Fiction.

David scribbles weekly on topics from crime to horror movies at his website, http://www.davidbeersfiction.com. He loves interacting with fans through email, hand written letters, and smoke signals, so feel free to contact him!

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