Warrior Drow

Warrior Drow

Even magical families have their share of secrets. And Drow Royalty’s secrets run even deeper - with a hint of danger.

Cheyenne Summerlin’s finding that out firsthand.

Note: Warrior Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More.

Can anyone in her family tell the truth and avoid the mayhem?

That doesn’t seem likely.

The Crown has their eye on Cheyenne and Ember. They’ve been tracking them all over town. First to Bianca’s house, then Cheyenne’s apartment, and now the school where she teaches. Is there a trap waiting to be sprung?

Is it connected to whoever is melding human tech with O’gúl tech? That’s a nasty piece of work. Could the Crown go that low?

Cheyenne and Ember are in a race to complete the last trial and place the coin on the altar. Is this the destiny they want to fulfill?

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About the Author
Martha Carr

with Michael Anderle

Okay, I'm a late bloomer who's a big DC comics fan and spent my childhood summers on the Jersey shore in the U.S. but have had a weird wanderlust to live in different parts of America ever since. That's enough about me. Need to feel inspired today? Looking for something to make you root for an ordinary hero? I'm all about that in everything I write.

I love a good tale that makes me wonder about things and I love a story even more that leaves me feeling inspired or like I'm capable of doing more than I realized. That's my goal with everything I've ever written. Some of the stories I tell involve twisting, turning thrillers and others have a lot of magic.

There's something to be said for getting lost in another world and coming out the other side feeling a little better about yourself or the possibilities in front of you. That's basically the best part of life in a nutshell, no matter what kind of story I'm setting out to tell.

Thank you for checking out my stories! There's more at www.oriceran.com.

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