By Robin Cutler, President of Worldwide Publishing for LMBPN®

Some 18 months have passed since I joined the venerable LMBPN team. After working for both Amazon and Ingram for the previous 15 years, becoming somewhat of a self-publishing guru (CreateSpace, IngramSpark,) I thought it was time to finally start that long-anticipated retirement. After working for these two publishing powerhouses and literally helping to launch the books of hundreds of thousands of authors all over the world, I felt I deserved a rest.

But Michael Anderle, CEO of LMBPN Publishing, whom I had met at the 20BooksTo50K Vegas conference in 2019, thought I wasn’t quite ready for the pasture. Just two days into that peaceful retirement he summoned me with the offer of becoming the President of Worldwide Publishing for LMBPN®. As they say in “The Godfather,” he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

What has been wonderful about working with Michael and the team is that it’s put me squarely back into publishing–finding and working with good authors to tell their stories and connect them to their audiences. The kind of publishing I was doing before joining LMBPN was more about growth strategies, sales projections, and web development and less about the creative work of authors. So I’m thrilled now to be back reading and listening to stories again.

Under Michael’s leadership, LMBPN has excelled in publishing urban fantasy and sci-fi. He and the team are geniuses at online marketing and reader engagement. So building on Michael’s success, we’re expanding our genre mix to include mystery and thrillers under a new imprint we’ve created called “Marlowe and Vane.”

Marlowe and Vane just launched its first series, Heinous Crimes Unit by Daniel Scott, at the beginning of August. You should check it out if you love really scary thrillers. Book 1, The Surgeon’s Scalpel is now available. Book 2, The Priest’s Fire, just released last week and book 3 is available for preorder.

The Surgeon's Scalpel e-book coverIf you’re writing series thrillers and interested in publishing with us, please submit a proposal at

I’m also pleased to welcome these Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors who have recently joined the LMBPN Publishing family. Lawrence Schoen and Brian Thorne (Demon Codex, Adrenaline Rush series); Talia Becket and Andrew Bellingham (The Time of The Dragon series); Cindy Gunderson (Unreal series—just launched and now #1 in its category); first-time book author, Brittany Hester (The Chosen Legacy series); and Alan B. Gibson (Magic at Myers Beach series).

I’m very much enjoying working with these creatives in bringing their works to life and helping them on their publishing journey. From where I sit, no other indie publisher does it better than LMBPN Publishing and the talented team that Michael Anderle has assembled. Life is good and publishing is fun once again.