I’m saying it a day early because you won’t hear from me again until November 1. Can you believe it’s going to be November already? Isn’t that crazy? ​Before you know it, it will be Christmas and then 2024 will be upon us.

We have plenty of new releases and book deals to share with you before then though!​​​

I have 6 phenomenal books launching this week and the first of them are already out. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday! Please note: two of the books are not on preorder so we do not have links for them and you’ll have to keep an eye on the Facebook groups or for Fan Pricing Saturday to get the books.


This Week’s New Releases

Title: Regeneratus: Races Rekindled
Series: Case Files of an Urban Elemental Book 6
Release Date: 10/30/2023

Watch out, Montreal! The Quebec Quint is about to embark on their most epic adventure yet.

Set to protect the surviving elementals, my siblings and I spread the word through the network of empowered guilds that we’re leaving our lives in the Human Realm behind. With Sasobek on the loose and the hostile opposition to Briar fulfilling his destiny as the true king of Litaui, our new beginnings will be hard won.

But hey, what else is new?

A maniacal sister, an empowered object that siphons elemental powers, and a nefarious necromancer stand in our way as we fight to reclaim our heritage and live in peace.

History is poised to repeat itself as the elemental kingdoms face a Poreskoro threat yet again, but this time Gareth will get his chance to confront the shadows of the past and right the wrongs that have haunted him for decades.

Get ready for another thrilling ride in the sixth installment of the Chronicles of an Urban Elemental series, Regeneratus: Races Rekindled.

Title: Spells & Wishes & Gun
Series: Spells and Wishes Book 1
Release Date: 10/31/2023

What if all those fairy tales you learned as a child were true, with a twist? Turns out, the land of Ever After also has a dark underbelly of evil that’s always trying to break out.

We would need a hero with a little firepower.

This is a different kind of bedtime story about a fairy godmother named Charlotte. She’s not into changing pumpkins into carriages or granting wishes. There are no glass slippers or mice growing into coachmen.

This fairy carries a Glock 42 as an added accessory with her wand. It also packs a punch. Her job is to cover part of the realm of Ever After and keep it safe.

But something’s gone wrong.

Charlotte has been stranded in Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s not alone. Worse, she’s lost her handbook with all the spells.

An evil Prince bent on revenge, a Snow Queen with plans of her own, and a local detective trying to figure out what happened, are all on the same collision course. Where’s the Fairy Godmother Handbook?  Find the book, control the end of this fairytale.

Will anyone ever live happily in Ever After? Or is Cincinnati the place where dreams can really come true?

Title: TOPGUN: Mastered
Series: Brutal Response Book 8
Release Date: 11/01/2023

The line between friend and foe blurs as the conspiracy deepens.

Mia Verick has stared down death across the galaxies, but she’s about to face a threat unlike any other: betrayal from within her own ranks.

The mastermind of a universe-shattering terrorist attack is closer than she thinks—someone on her crew, someone they’ve trusted.

This isn’t just another act of terror; it’s the fuse to ignite a war capable of devouring worlds.

With the clock ticking down to cataclysm, Mia and her crew find themselves in an explosive race against time. But with trust shattered and suspicions running high, this mission is on the brink of imploding from within.

Each choice is a gamble with lives hanging in the balance. A single misstep could spell doom for millions.

Can Mia navigate this treacherous path of deception and hold her crew together long enough to stop the disaster?

Will personal feelings cloud judgment when every decision could be their last

The stakes are astronomical, and in a universe where failure isn’t an option, it’s all or nothing.

Join Mia and her crew as they risk it all to prevent a war that could engulf the very fabric of reality.

Title: A Resilient Requiem
Series: The Magic Academy of Paris
Release Date: 11/02/2023

When dreams turn to ashes, can hope still rise?

Samantha’s world shattered with the loss of her best friend. Now adrift, she seeks purpose at Ravenwood Academy.

But will its magical halls bring direction or new threats?

Bonds forged in tragedy lead Samantha to a motley crew: David, fellow misfit turned steadfast friend, Marcus, an embittered sorcerer with a mysterious past, and Helena, a mentor hiding ominous secrets.

Together, can they match the gathering darkness?

An ancient evil stirs, threatening to tear apart the fabric of reality. As demonic forces close in, will Samantha master her burgeoning powers before it’s too late?

When the veil is lifted, revealing a maze of betrayal and deception, who can she trust?

The fate of two worlds rests on Samantha’s shoulders. Is one broken-hearted girl enough to stand against otherworldly might? Can she find the light to banish the shadows, or will a final spark be snuffed out?

Title: We Are Pure Chemistry
Release Date: 11/03/2023

Some love destroys completely, leaving the heart incapable of giving more than pieces of itself.

Gala has a comfortable life in Copenhagen, a job she loves, and a peaceful relationship. It’s more than she ever expected after the heartbreak she experienced growing up.

When she receives a wedding invitation from one of her childhood friends, she finds herself obligated to return to the city where she left her family, friends, and unresolved relationships behind.

With no choice but to take a plane to Barcelona, Gala resolves to celebrate her friend and avoid the pain that comes with confronting her past.

What she thought would be a brief visit becomes a hurricane when the old flame who burned her is determined to rekindle their fire. The memories of her university years and the resurgence of old feelings will turn her peaceful life upside down.

Past and present intertwine as Gala is drawn into an emotional journey that makes her question whether the peaceful life she has in Copenhagen is what she truly wants.

How can she look to the future when the past is so present? Will she make the decision that leads to her happy ever after?

Title: Wings Outstretched
Series: Weir Dragon Academy Book 2
Release Date: 11/03/2023

Love is in the air. I need a respirator.

I’m settling into school routine, despite magiscience lab confusion. What’s unsettling is the strange tension between my classmates.

The girls giggle and make jokes I don’t understand. The boys keep butting heads. All my classmates have crushes, but all I want is cake.

Uri’s magic is space but he won’t give me any. Is it because of mysterious dead zones popping up around campus, or the mean girl’s bullying? Either is an easier situation than what’s most likely.

He wants to be my boyfriend.

I don’t want to meddle in dragon affairs with Uri or anyone else. But how do I say no when everyone’s coupling up?

A lovely day at the fair turns violent for a new hero.