Can you believe it? Two more days and May is over. If you’re enjoying today as a holiday, wooohoo! If you aren’t, I hope you get some time off to enjoy in the near future. It’s always good to have some downtime when you can. I mean, we know how my vacation went, but I hear they go much better for other people.

I have soooo much to tell you abotu this week. Not only are there new books this week, but 8 new series this month and I get to tell you about them today!​​

I have 3 fantastic books launching this week and one of them released this morning! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Win Where I Fight
Series: The Warrior Book 7
Release Date: 05/30/2022

Richard MacBlair has all the answers Idina Moorfield needs and is finally willing to share them. Well, most of them.

Who knew there was a whole special forces division? Dedicated to people exhibiting magical powers to deal with unique challenges?

Things are starting to make a lot more sense to Idina.

But a lot more changes may be coming her way.

She has to face new challenges. A series of tests to determine if she’s good enough for a new special forces group.

Are there other monsters bigger and badder than the Olc out there? Has Richard taught her enough to help her advance? And stay alive.

Title: Reaper For Hire
Series: Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Book 3
Release Date: 05/31/2022

You want to pay me to reap supernaturals?

I mean, seriously?

Don’t get me wrong, the money is great. I love my work.

But there’s a funny thing about being the world’s only supernatural reaper…

You make a lot of powerful enemies.

Pissing off all the world’s vampires would be frightening enough.

Add to that werewolves, witches, banshees, and trolls…

How the hell am I ever going to get a good night’s sleep?

Title: Defiant
Series: Hellcat Released Book 2
Release Date: 06/02/2022

Dante Slate survived treachery, but surviving isn’t enough. Not by a long shot.

The Marauder wants revenge. He’s on the hunt with his new partner, master spy Nasreen Joelle, but those who saw fit to leave him for dead have powerful connections.

What good is revenge if you can’t live to enjoy it?

Dante has to practice patience and wait for the right time to make a poised strike.

But that doesn’t mean he’s standing still, no sir. Revenge takes money and research. Whether plunging dirtside to earn cash, or digging deep into the criminal element of the Stations, Dante is far from idle.

Some may call it obsession, some say it’s psychosis, but only Dante understands the truth.

Dante’s never been much of a multi-tasker but he can kill two birds with this one stone.

He wants revenge, but it’s also about getting justice—not only for himself, but for all those laid low by the corruption that almost took him out.

Those who came for him and missed are about to discover the price for their sins.

We are almost halfway through the year – and by the end of June we will be at that halfway point! What better way to kick off not only summer but that halfway point milestone than with not one, not two, not even through, but EIGHT new series launching this month.

In order to share all about the new series, we’ve had to split this into two articles with four new series each in them.

Check out the last four series coming this June!