Hunt Of The Dwarf King

Hunt Of The Dwarf King

Hell hath no fury? Wait, that’s not right.

A pack of hell hounds are terrorizing the magical community, but does anyone know where they came from, or who has hold of their leash?

Finn and Penny are asked to hunt the hounds down before anyone else gets hurt, but for a six five dwarf and a pint-sized dragon a pack of hell hounds might be a little above their pay grade.

Join your favorite giant dwarf and snarky dragon as they start the hunt of a lifetime. They thought finding lost treasure was difficult, but at least the treasure didn't bite back.

Grab a box of Charleston Chews and kick up your feet. This is one hunt you won’t want to miss.

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About the Author
Charley Case

About Charley Case
Charles is a writer

He writes books

He once ate an entire pizza then ran through the streets shouting to anyone that would listen that he was full.

Satisfaction comes easy for those who find satisfaction satisfying.

Charles really doesn't know what to write here... He made up that part about running through the streets and yelling. He has done that, but not after eating an entire pizza; though he has done that as well. Actually, everything so far is true, just not in the right order... That happens a lot.

If you're still reading this, Charles feels like you might be going through a tremendously boring time in your life, and recommends picking up a book. He just so happens to have a few you can choose from. If you don't like his books, then there are a few million on Amazon you can peruse at your own leisure. Though, if you don't like his books, why are you here? Why are any of us here? Is the universe just a simulation that will be reset when we die, like the restarting of the worst/best game in history?

Sorry, Charles may have gone down a Wikipedia rabbit hole last night, starting with 'Brown Bananas' and ending up with 'The Heat Death of the Universe'. it was a long night...

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask Charles, he might even show you how to make pancakes.

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