Judge, Jury, & Executioner Boxed Set (Books 13-16)

Judge, Jury, & Executioner Boxed Set (Books 13-16)

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate.

She's a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

Get books 13-16 in the Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller together for you in one exciting boxed set!

The Interview:

When the right thing goes wrong, someone has to answer.

Dismantling the Blood Trade wasn’t the end, but the beginning. Everything the Magistrates do has been called into question.

Do they have probable cause? Are they respecting a suspect’s right against self-incrimination? The ambassadors have questions, and they think they know the answers, but only the Magistrates know the truth.

Called before the Federation Council, the collective body for discussing matters that affect all member planets, Magistrate Rivka Anoa is put under the spotlight to answer for all she had done. Upholding the law wasn’t enough.

Or was it? The Ambassadors will vote.

While the High Chancellor and the Magistrates are distracted, something else is happening, something sinister that needs The Interview to drag out.

Who knew what when? Maybe that doesn’t matter. The better question is “Who is doing what right now?”

Joseph and Petricia return to resolve issues that had languished for centuries. Will they find peace?

Jack the Ripper:

Carving a swath of terror across the Federation, one planet after another, no one knowing who’s next.

A serial killer the likes of whom hasn’t been seen in centuries. A pretender who has outdone the master. Fifty planets. The dead are screaming for vengeance and only Rivka and her team can hear their cries. The Singularity. The Magistrate and her crew.

How many more must die before the killer can be brought to justice?

The battle of wits has begun, and only one can survive. Win or die trying.

Rivka has to dig deeper than ever before into her investigative skills to figure out who’s next and how to stop the one masquerading as…

Jack the Ripper.

Say My Name:

The arrogance of success. The criminality of using it to crush people under one’s thumb.

A license to destroy. More than a single life, entire cultures replaced.

For a few credits more.

Find the crime!

Rivka can’t touch him or can she? Will he allow it? In this part of space, he calls the shots.

The Federation is on the outside looking in.

From the frontier, a single business starts to take over. Not a crime family, like Nefas, but a single individual forcing people to sell their souls. Unlimited power.

You’ll know his name, soon enough. “Say my name!”

Is what he’s doing illegal? Rivka is going to find out. Can she stop him if it’s not against the law?


Can you succeed yourself by downloading your consciousness?

Will your family let you? Hidden micro-blasters, paper-thin blades, plasma torches, and surges in voltage come into play as the jockeying begins for the vast estate of the honorable J. Bennet Johnstone.

Is a downloaded consciousness eligible to be a citizen of the Singularity? Erasmus goes on a mission without Ankh. Will their worlds end, one without the other?

Rivka is tossed into the middle of deceit and selfishness. Even seeing into their minds cannot unravel the sordid truth.

She has to spend more time with the Johnstone legacy if she’s to keep the family from killing each other while the bigger question of consciousness is considered.

Will it ever be resolved?

If Rivka has her way, it will be, once and for all.

***PLEASE NOTE: This book contains cursing. If this offends you, perhaps this book isn't for you.***

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About the Author
Craig Martelle

with Michael Anderle

I see my other lives, a career in the Marines, those damn hand-written tests in law school, a business consultant, as if they're stories from a book. I see my books as if I lived there, as if I were friends with the characters. All things we remember are behind us, only those we imagine lie before.

I'm not sure which place I prefer, but I don't have to choose. They live together in my mind. My books have some award nominations, they have bestseller tags across multiple countries. I write about justice, honor, and loyalty because that's what I care about. My stories are mostly set within worlds that haven't been, but could be. We have to be ready.

Visit my web page, craigmartelle.com for the latest posts and updates or find me on Facebook, Author Craig Martelle. Send an email to craig@craigmartelle.com to join my mailing list for the latest on new releases, information on old releases, and anything related to my books, or simply follow me on Amazon - they'll notify you of my new releases as will BookBub.com if you follow me there:)

No matter where I went, I always had a book with me. Thanks to 21st Century technology, I now have hundreds of books loaded on my phone and always with me. This breakthrough allows me to binge read my favorites. How many books would I have read on deployments had I not had to have a physical book with me? I paced myself so I wouldn't finish too quickly.

We aren't encumbered like that now. I love the works of Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey, JRR Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, and so many more. I have been compared to Andre Norton and that is humbling - she was an incredible author with a huge list of novels to her credit. With every new book, I aspire to live up to those that you, the readers, have compared me to.

Through a bizarre series of events, I ended up in Fairbanks, Alaska. I never expected to retire to a place where golf courses are only open for four months out of the year. But that's the way it is. It is off the beaten path. My wife and I get to watch the northern lights from our driveway. Our dog has lots of room to run. And temperatures reach fifty below zero. We have from three and a half hours of daylight in the winter to twenty-four hours in the summer.

It's all part of the give and take of life. If we didn't have those extremes, then everyone would live in the sub-arctic.

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