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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and the Telorans are testing the boundaries of the Federation’s alliances.

Please Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Witch of the Federation IV.

If the war doesn’t end the Federation, the Morgana’s defense spending might just bankrupt it…

There’s not enough of BURT to go around. A decision must be made—keep stretching himself, or take action to cover both the Virt World and Stephanie’s growing efforts with the matrix.

Stephanie has her sights set on the next stage of her plan for Earth’s recovery. A radiation-soaked world may be the key to her energy questions…

The pirates are planning an attack on Dreth. First, they need to distract the navy.

How will the Telorans react to a taste of human cunning?

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About the Author
Michael Anderle

with Michael Anderle

Michael Anderle (ok, weird talking about myself in the 3rd person) (1967-Hopefully a long time from NOW) was born in Houston, Tx. A very curious child, he got into trouble - a lot. What to do with an inquisitive mind when he was grounded? Read!

Ok, done with all of that 3rd person stuff.

In the first 20 years, I mostly read Science Fiction and Fantasy. In the last 10 years I have enjoyed Urban Fantasy and Military Fiction. With this background, I've been blessed with creating The Kurtherian Gambit series, a well-selling, and fan loved, collection of stories.

The fans have propelled these stories beyond my wildest imagination and they should get all of the credit for sharing with friends, family and occasionally the random person on the street. They are fantastic!

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