The Tome of Beginnings

The Tome of Beginnings

Series: Legends Are Made, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: FANTASY STAND ALONE, Legends Are Made
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

A fearless young woman released from service to her town. A ghost from the past with a gift for story. The legendary Dragonlord who has been sleeping for over a thousand years.

Together, they will undertake an adventure that will change everything…

Sofia has completed her duty as a guard and is anticipating the freedom that comes with reaching her majority. However, fate has more in mind for her than a life filled with the simple pleasures she and her friends are hoping for.

A mysterious stranger appears in Shadonwren and shares almost-forgotten tales of the Great War with Sofia and her friends.

Weaving her magic with words, Cirrus opens a window looking 1500 years into the past, to a time when the dragons stood as Champions and closed the gates between dimensions to end the war with the Outer Ones.

All but one were lost, and their legend faded into myth.

Visions of the sleeper take root in Sofia’s mind and unlock the terrifying truth.

The Outer Ones have grown strong again, and they are preparing to reignite the war.

Compelled to seek out the ethereal presence who haunts her dreams, Sofia finds herself on a quest to wake the sleeping Champion.

When myths become legend, when tales of heroic battles and ultimate sacrifice become reality, Sofia discovers that her destiny is irrevocably intertwined with that of Cirrus and the Dragonlord.

Will Cirrus’ gift be enough to help Sofia wake a dragon who does not wish to be disturbed? Or is it already too late to prevent ancient history repeating itself—this time in favor of those who seek to destroy the world?

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