The Tome of Betrayal

The Tome of Betrayal

Series: Legends Are Made, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: FANTASY STAND ALONE, Legends Are Made
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Echoes of the past guide the decisions of the present, but will that be enough to save Sophia from herself?

Betrayals force both Sophia and Tamerin to re-evaluate who they trust. Across the centuries, both experience trials that lead them to reconsider their place in the world they live in.

While the young Dragonlord and his Night Rangers discover that pride comes before a fall, Sophia gets the chance she has been waiting for.

With no moral quandary over whether she is doing the right thing, she takes justice into her own hands.

In the present, Kemuri is ready to admit that the war is not over..

His many conversations with Sophia and her friends, watching them grow together the same way he and his Night Rangers did so long ago, the Dragonlord accepts the hand fate has dealt.

One truth stands out above all others. He has been gifted with a new generation of heroes to fight by his side. Together, they must face what must be done to end the threat their enemy poses once and for all.

He cannot allow the Outer Ones to win. It is time to act by taking back what is his…

Is history doomed to repeat itself? Or can Kemuri’s guidance show Sophia the path to taking her place among the heroes of legend?

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