The Tome of Brotherhood

The Tome of Brotherhood

Series: Legends Are Made, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: FANTASY STAND ALONE, Legends Are Made
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Friends are the family you choose, and destiny is earned through choices and actions.

These are two truths that the Dragonlord cannot forget. But no matter how hard the Champions tried to outmaneuver fate, its unerring hand has brought him full circle.

Did they give everything to snatching victory from the Outer Ones, only to fail?

As Kemuri recounts his the moments that shaped his early life, he comes to understand that the resonation between his past and present cannot be denied.

Nothing is given for free except the ability to choose a path and commit to completing the journey. Sophia and her friends learn the truth of this when they encounter relics from the deep past that prove that the legends are not stories meant to inspire.

The time has come to decide if they are willing to do more than listen and become a part of the continuing legend.

To answer the challenge and fight for their future, they must unlearn everything they think they know about how magic functions and embrace the past.

A family member is taken and the friends must work past the discovery that they don’t know each other as well as they believed.

Can they learn to function as a team before it’s too late? Or will they fall at the first test?

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