The Tome of Rebirth

The Tome of Rebirth

Series: Legends Are Made, Book 4
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: FANTASY STAND ALONE, Legends Are Made
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

What do you do after your greatest victory? Or your greatest defeat?

Those questions plague Sofia and the nascent dragonlord Kemuri.

One was integral to a success she never could have imagined. The other suffered a humbling blow, demonstrating he never saw things as clearly as he believed.

Sofia and her friends helped overthrow a kingdom. What will they do now? Especially when Sofia learns it was simply another step on her journey—and probably not the most difficult.

After all, who does a kingdom turn to when its royalty has fallen?

Tumultuous events in Kemuri’s life compelled him to change his name. Survival means reinventing himself. However, some enemies cannot be forgotten or overlooked. They always come back to haunt you, no matter how far you travel to escape them.

Betrayals and failures destroyed his trust, but relearning it is crucial—if he can.

Daunting choices loom when drastic and rapid changes in their worlds force Sofia and Kemuri to confront who they are and what they believe. Each must reaffirm their beliefs…or perhaps bend or break them to serve their new identity.

Rather, who their respective worlds believe them to be.

But at what cost?

When your life has been upended, perhaps it is a time for rebirth.

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