Tremors of Fate

Tremors of Fate

Tim hits level twenty, and upgrades his stats.

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook The Eyes of Prophecy.

Level up, power up, right? To no one’s surprise, especially Tim’s, it’s not so simple.

His access to new skills won’t come until he completes his class change quest. There’s no time to tackle it until the Goddess Eternia gets her power restored.

The Goddess was greatly weakened when she saved the guild and their allies from her sister. Returning to the city of Promethea, the Blue Dagger Society must find a way to help the Goddess power back up.

Eternia sends them on a mission to seek an audience with the King in the hope he can be persuaded to give up an ancient family artifact to save his kingdom.

Tim and the Blue Dagger Society find out that making it past the three royals standing between them and the King’s audience chamber is an easier task on paper than it is in person.

Each of the royals wants a boon for granting the guild passage through their lands, and there is an ancient evil standing in the way of completing the quest.

The dark Goddess Vitaria hasn’t given up her obsession with taking over the Etheric Coast.

Vitaria plans to push her advantage before the people of the desert can figure out she survived. Can Tim and his friends succeed before she sows the seeds of discord and makes her move?

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About the Author
Bradford Bates

with Michael Anderle

About Bradford Bates
Bradford Bates is a full-time author, husband to an incredible wife, and father to four furry rescue dogs. He lives in sunny Phoenix Arizona, trying not to melt in the oppressive heat of the summer. When he isn't busy writing the next book, you can find him playing video games, and watching scary movies.

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