Chronicles of an Urban Druid Boxed Set Five

Chronicles of an Urban Druid Boxed Set Five

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Meet Fionna mac Cumhaill an urban druid coming into her powers and trying to master them. Get books 13-15 of the Chronicles of an Urban Druid series in this boxed set to continue her adventures.

A United Front

The Culling draws ever nearer—looms really—like a big, fat cloud of doom.

With evil brewing, our enemies grow bolder, the warriors of light and dark scramble to be ready for the Winter Solstice, and the Cumhaill fam jam digs in to face the battle of our world’s alignment.

No biggie… Team Trouble is on it.

For now, the human populations remain oblivious to the imminent battle to come. If we continue to do our jobs right, it’ll stay that way. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, amirite?


If evil gains a stronger foothold in our world, it will definitely hurt you.

Amid hexes, hostages, and hot tub horrors, Fi and her family and friends tackle the big questions. Who will join team chaos?

Where are Mingin and Melanippe? And…are yeti real?

A Culling Tide

The world is about to tilt on its axis. Good versus Evil. Light versus Dark. There’s a balance to the world's alignment and every thousand years, the Earth Realm, the Fae Realm, and the Spirit Realm collide, igniting a period of rebalancing.

The Culling.

And while the empowered sects battle for a stronger foothold and fight to find ways to strengthen their forces, the humans go on living blissfully unaware.

Which is good. Blissful ignorance is exactly where we want them to be…

Well, some of us, anyway.

As the volatility rises, the aggressive races protest. Between riots of exposure, fighting off the big baddies, and searching for ways to strengthen our position, our lives are pretty much a chaotic jumble.

Yeah, well, what else is new?

A Danger Destroyed

It is the Time of the Colliding Realms—the Keening—the Culling.

Everything that happened over the past eighteen months has led to this moment. The good and the bad. The triumphs and the tragedies. Now my family by blood, by choice, and by circumstance face the battle to balance our world’s alignment.

United as Team Light.

When rays of first morn's light warm the depths of the sacred tomb,
The powers of dark and light will hold their ground or seal their doom.

Yeah, that’s not daunting at all.

Attacked by powerful players from all sides, enemies, allies, and a few surprise guests rally to fight the fight of the millennium. Even if we win this war, the world as we know it will never be the same.

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About the Author
Auburn Tempest

with Michael Anderle

Auburn Tempest is a pen name for JL Madore, a multi-genre novelist giving life to Fantasy, Paranormal, and Sci-Fi Romance. Under the pen name, Auburn Tempest, she writes Urban Fantasy without the sexy-steamy. But whether Romance or not, she loves to twist Alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines into chaotic, hilarious, fast-paced, magical situations and make them really work for their happy endings.

She lives outside of Toronto, Canada with her love of over 35 years and a menagerie of family, friends, and animals.

To learn more, you can follow her at:

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