Chronicles of an Urban Druid Boxed Set Three

Chronicles of an Urban Druid Boxed Set Three

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Meet Fionna mac Cumhaill an urban druid coming into her powers and trying to master them. Get books 7-9 of the Chronicles of an Urban Druid series in this boxed set to continue her adventures.

An Immortal’s Pain

The moment you let your guard down and think you’ve got a handle on life—you jinx it.

I bust my butt on the daily, smoothing the rough edges after moving in with the boyfriend, making amends to angry empowered ones, and patching things up with hostile in-laws. Things are good on the home front with my job, family, and friends. I’ve got this, right?

Wrong. Cue the centrifuge of life spinning me around while the gods point and laugh.

Or, in this case, the goddess.

Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic, deity of night and ghosts, supreme bitch tormentor of friends. I wondered why Nikon hated Hecate with such venom. Turns out, there’s history there. He faced his battles alone over the past centuries but he’s not alone now.

The Greek is family and I’ve got his back.

A Shaman's Power

The focus of my life as an urban druid is to stand as a guardian of nature. The focus of my life as Fiona Cumhaill to stand as a guardian of my family.

Seriously. Don’t screw with my family.

It’s a no-brainer, drop everything, and take up the fight topic for me—If you need me, I will come.

So, when darkness conspires to overtake the light and people I love are sucked into the wake of evil, the Toronto crew grabs the go-bags and answers the call.

With rituals to learn, a goddess to honor, and a traitor to hold at bay, we tackle the incoming maelstrom in true Cumhaill style.

Sure, we may be out of our depths and behind the eight ball, but what else is new?

A Fated Bond

Magic, dragons, elves, and vampires are my new normal. At any point, I might get attacked by an angry book, be on the shit-list for forgetting to hook up my battle bear’s keg, or get called to investigate a gruesome magical murder.

And how cool is that?

Well… the investigating part, not so much the murder.

When Garnet brings Team Trouble in to investigate a string of discarded bodies, none of us likes where the evidence points. My Spidey-sense says something isn’t right.

In the human realm, the evidence doesn’t lie. In the empowered realm… nothing is as it seems.

Join Fiona as she strikes off on another action-packed adventure in the ninth installment of the Chronicles of the Urban Druid.

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About the Author
Auburn Tempest

with Michael Anderle

Auburn Tempest is a pen name for JL Madore, a multi-genre novelist giving life to Fantasy, Paranormal, and Sci-Fi Romance. Under the pen name, Auburn Tempest, she writes Urban Fantasy without the sexy-steamy. But whether Romance or not, she loves to twist Alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines into chaotic, hilarious, fast-paced, magical situations and make them really work for their happy endings.

She lives outside of Toronto, Canada with her love of over 35 years and a menagerie of family, friends, and animals.

To learn more, you can follow her at:

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