The Death of Rick Grimes and What It Means for Zombies

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Spoiler Alert!

One of the greatest shows of all time just lost perhaps the best characters of all time. You see, the character Rick Grimes died on a recent episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He had what many consider to be a lackluster death by falling off a horse and encountering competing walkers.

What many fail to understand, is that his ordinary humanity and ability to die just like everyone else is exactly what people love about Andrew Lincoln’s fantastic character.

See, Rick Grimes falls repeatedly but gets back up. That’s why everyone loves him. The entire zombie genre is, in itself, asking the question of how much can a person take before giving up. That’s what’s lacking in a lot of modern television (Insert my jibe at reality television here) and why Rick Grimes will live on amongst one of the greatest characters of all time.

Think of Rick Grimes like Star Trek. Many don’t realize that the first Star Trek voyage only lasted three seasons. That’s because the characters of Spock and Captain Kirk were so counter-intuitive, that we as humans loved watching them.

I still get asked when making a logical judgment if I could add a little Kirk and not be so Spockish. That’s because each and every one of us has both characters living inside us. What makes the character of Rick Grimes so impressive is that one character can and does encompass both the good and bad of a person.

In that very first episode of The Walking Dead Rick Grimes was recovering from an injury incurred while working as a police officer. He could have stayed in bed and not encountered his first Walker. Well, he didn’t. He led the charge and was the hero we all want. He single-handedly saved humanity.

Many are asking what will happen to The Walking Dead now that Grimes is gone? I hate to break this all to you, but The Walking Dead was at its end anyway.

You could try Eli Roth’s new show that showcases horror, but it won’t be the same. Your best bet is to stay tuned for the new Wheel of Time series coming to Amazon We will have the latest as this series goes into production.

Yes, Grimes is now in the history books.

Yes, audiences will need to find a new show to watch.

Yes, The Walking Dead will not be the same without Andrew Lincoln.

Not only did the production team of The Walking Dead do zombies, but they did them well. So well, in fact, that this series will live on as one of the greatest shows ever made. Take that Game of Thrones! I love Game of Thrones nearly as much as The Walking Dead and I know the last season of Game of Thrones is coming like winter.

See, zombies have been around as long as people have told stories. They have had many faces but the object has always been the same: they want to destroy humanity and despite their mission, a hero will save us.

Rick Grimes was the hero we all have living inside us that we all long to truly be. He wasn’t just an anti-hero, he was a hero we loved and ultimately lost. Still, Lincoln’s magnificent character will soon be known as one of the greatest heroes in history. We all had a chance to see the magnificent way he was written and the stellar way Andrew Lincoln portrayed him. The Walking Dead will live on and not like zombies. It will live on as a masterful drama, not a den of brain eaters.


Tammy Marshall is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of writing. If you really want to get her on a subject, bring up Star Trek. She loves talking about traveling through space and what Gene Roddenberry’s vision did for science. When she’s not plotting interstellar travel, she’s digging in the dirt. Her vegetables are legendary and her chickens have won awards. When her hands aren’t in the garden, she’s traveling to conventions around the country hoping to inspire the next person willing to go to Mars and aid Elon Musk on his mission.

Streaming Highlights for November

I’ll admit it. I stream the Colbert Show and Murphy Brown. Those two shows are reboots (David Letterman) the original Murphy Brown. When those shows came on I said I would stay up for the Colbert Show and Thursdays would be my night for television. Well, I was wrong. That’s because I like the convenience of streaming. In fact, if it doesn’t stream, chances are I don’t watch it. I’m not proud of this. I just don’t like staying up or being chained to watching television at a certain time.

That’s right, I like the luxury of streaming television. I am not really interested in celebrity interviews and I won’t watch television at a specific time. During college, I started streaming and just can’t stop. I did try. Well, instead of fighting it, I’m just going with it. That’s why I stream my television. I just can’t go back to watching television at a specified time. Here’s a list of what I’m watching this November. Our team collated the coolest shows coming to your streaming service. We did the work, you can just stream and enjoy. I listed them from my favorites to my least favorites.


November 1

Amelie –This masterpiece of cinema by Jean-Pierre Jeunet stars Audry Tautou. Amelie tells the story of a young woman who gets a jumpstart on life by adding a little bit of fantasy. Never underestimate the awesomeness of French cinema. Some of the best films have come from France. Just ask Inglorious Bastards director Quentin Tarantino. He’s utilized many items from notable French films.

The Faculty Yes, this epic move got made because of the financial success of Scream. Still, this film starring some major names owns its own for being a great movie. The performance of Jon Stewart alone makes it worth watching.

Pleasantville – Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon star in this wonderful movie about how imagination can transcend a questionable past. Yes, the ‘50s were great for a specific population. Everyone else took turns playing servant.

James Bond movies – James Bond is its own genre. Yes, there’s more fantasy than science fiction. If you really want to get into the science fiction look at all the cool gadgets he gets to take on his kills. Many of the objects became the norm after a showing in a Bond film. No one actually knows a 007. There’s a reason he’s licensed to kill. The films A View to Kill, Die Another Day, Diamonds Are Forever, Dr. No, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia with Love, Goldeneye, Goldfinger, License to Kill, Live and Let Die, The Living Daylights, The Man with the Golden Gun, Moonraker, Never Say Never Again, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me, Thunderball, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and You Only Live Twice will be streaming.

Available November 10

Big Hero 6In the future, we will need a team of heroes to help fight off the robots Elon Musk thinks will take over. This film shows a team. It’s also a great movie.

Available November 18

HeroThis awesome martial arts movie came out in 2002. It’s been hailed as one of the best martial arts movies of all time. Take that Bruce Lee

Amazon Prime

Available November 1

Child’s Play –  When I was a kid creepy dolls could come to life and kill you. Plus, Wil Wheaton really showed off some of his mega-acting chops. Chuckie came from this movie and the world will never be the same.

Excalibur – If you don’t know the story of King Arthur than you must stream this film. This story is as old as time and discusses a utopia read more…

New LMBPN Books coming October 29 – November 2

New LMBPN Books coming October 29 – November 2

Five new books coming your way this week, one of which is already available, and a second that can be pre-ordered today.

Ganked In Space – Available now!

Extermination just got a whole lot more fun.

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ShimVens have been spreading rapidly across the galaxy.

The bugs eat through wiring, destroying space stations and ships.

Reggie took the job because the pay was good and the work sounded easy. Cody and Joel are skeptical, but Reggie convinces them it’s easy work. Just spray the bugs and done, right?

Not exactly.

They soon learn these pests are deadly. They’ll have to rely on their gaming skills if they are to survive.

And they’re going to need better weapons. Oh, and a mercenary who knows how to kick ass.

These three immature guys go off to save the universe…all by accident.

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When a relatively straightforward mission takes a turn, it plunges him into a dangerous new world where no one can be trusted.

He must live a lie within a lie while he works from the shadows to keep the worlds safe from a deadly new threat.

Everyone has their limits.

Will Daniel survive being pushed past his?

James Bond meets Harry Dresden in this action-packed paranormal thriller that’ll keep you guessing until the last page.

Defender – Book 6 In the Vigilante Chronicles (Wednesday)

Barnabas returns in the sixth book in his series, the Vigilante Chronicles

Barnabas may not be Ranger One anymore, but one thing definitely has not changed: when someone screws over the powerless, Barnabas is going to bring the pain. With a bloodthirsty AI running his advanced spaceship, those who love evil should start looking over their shoulders.

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Readers will laugh out loud at the adventures and mishaps this sassy protagonist gets herself into. She explores LA life, seeing it through her unique lens.

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Redemption (Friday)

Katie and Pandora return in War Of The Damned, book number eight.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – A Review

Based on the hit Archie Horror comic series Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Afterlife with Archie, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark), The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped it’s 10-episode Part One on Friday, October 26. This darker retelling of everyone’s favorite teenage witch is an interesting take on the world of a character that had been prior to this series, light and carefree, uninterested in modern takes. While the horror is definitely there, the show does retain much of its own kind of humor without terror or jump scares, making for very enjoyable viewing.

While the comic book is set definitively in the era of the character’s original inception in the sixties, the show has a more ambiguous take on its temporal setting, long enough ago to still have house lines and no computers to speak of, but without much of the problematic features that plague an unvarnished look at the American past. Those elements that remain are exhibited by side characters you aren’t supposed to care about, while the main characters are widely diverse.

The show is, of course, about the eponymous Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-human who is a few days out from her sixteen birthday, which is, of course on Halloween. On that date, she is to take her dark baptism, signing her name read more…

Ganked In Space – Snippet

Extermination just got a whole lot more fun.

When lifelong friends Reggie, Joel, and Cody, fail to win the Virtual Reality Elite championship, they’re forced to find real work. The guys sign a pest control contract, ridding space stations of infestations.


Sonic Shuttle, En Route to Sector 12 Transgalactic Station

Reggie looked around the ship proudly. He was a freaking entrepreneur.  An independent business owner. The salt of the galaxy’s economy. An intergalactic pest control expert. He might have been sitting on a plastic bucket, in a postage-stamp sized galley watching his friend murder a defenseless oxygen regulator, but for him, life couldn’t get any better.

Joel was bent over his workbench, which was actually the dining table in the galley, halfway through putting the oxygen regulator back together. His wavy, brown hair dangled forward just reaching the upper edge of his vision. He brushed it aside, leaving a smudge of thick, black goo across his forehead. It complemented his forest green eyes nicely.

His fingers, like the rest of him, were quick and agile, adjusting small parts with confidence.

Cody walked into the room looking for a snack but was disappointed to find Joel hard at work in the spot where he wanted to eat. He knew there was no point arguing about it—Joel worked wherever he found space. But Cody couldn’t help but notice the handful of regulator pieces still sitting on the table.

“You do know we need that to breathe, right?” Cody asked, pushing his thick glasses up on his nose and indicating the device. His fine blond hair looked like a small heap of straw on top of his head, and he swung his lanky arms when he talked, gesticulating like an Italian grandmother. It could be dangerous to stand too close to him.

He set about searching the cabinets for something to eat, ultimately settling on some freeze-dried meat substitute.

Joel scoffed. “If it works just fine without those pieces, then why have them in the first place? I’m just making it more efficient.”

If it works?” Reggie questioned. He shuffled to get more comfortable on top of the overturned five-gallon bucket at the back of the room, near the sink. They only had three chairs on the entire ship and moved them from place to place as needed. The two chairs that Joel wasn’t using were in the lounge, and Reggie didn’t feel like fetching one. His large, athletic body barely fit on the bucket; he looked like a Great Dane trying to sleep in a cat bed.

“It’ll be fine,” Joel said, undeterred.

The guys, or ‘Notches’ as they affectionately referred to themselves, had been on the ship for two days now. No jobs. Nothing to do. Totally bored. If they didn’t find something to do soon, Joel would end up taking the entire ship apart.

That’s when Reggie decided to remind them of the one surefire thing he knew would occupy their time and keep them out of trouble.

“Remember Deep Space Death Match?” he asked.

The name drew a gasp of nostalgia from Joel and Cody.

“We were so good at that game,” Reggie continued.

Were?” Joel said. “We’re still so good at that game. There’s just no one to play against anymore; everyone plays Team Hollow Point now. Death Match was way better.”

“Totally,” Cody added. “The graphics are better. The story is far superior…no one cares about the story anymore. And the fucking microtransactions.”

Joel and Reggie both groaned.

“I hate them so hard,” Reggie said. “And the players are so vulgar. There can still be friendly competition without all the swearing. It’s all ‘F this’ and ‘F that.’

“Yeah,” Joel said, smiling over the edge of his tinkering project. “What the fuck is up with that?”

Reggie threw a balled-up rag at Joel, who swatted it away. “Seriously?” Reggie said. “How do you guys eat with those potty mouths?”

“Jesus, Reg, you sound like a seventy-year-old woman sometimes,” Joel teased. He set the oxygen regulator on the table and wiped the sweat from his forehead, leaving a second streak of thick, black goo across his brow. “But, damn, what a great game.” He stared off like he was looking into the past. “If we’d played Death Match in the championships, we would have been top ten for damn sure.”

“No doubt,” Reggie said. “None of the current VRE teams could stand two rounds against us. We’d smoke all of them.”

Cody pulled a stray thread from the sleeve of his shirt and snapped it off, looking at it appreciatively. “Have you seen the top team’s siege dynamics?” He wound both ends of the thread around his forefingers. “They’re garbage. All show. Barge into a building, guns blazing. No tactics. No finesse.” He took the thread and slipped it between his two front teeth and began flossing. “It’s insulting.” read more…

EC018: Renegade, a Tale From The Kurtherian Universe – Part Two

This week we deliver the conclusion of Renegade, from Erika Everest.  If you didn’t hear part one, and our chat with the author, you can get caught up here.

Life Goes On

During the blessedly short introduction, I mentioned that Life Goes On, TKG 21 was just released as an audiobook.  You can grab your copy here, if you don’t already have in your audible queue.


Fans Write For the Fans Facebook links:  Kurtherian Universe, and Oriceran Universe. read more…

The Gift of Marvel Rising

On being gifted, what does it mean to really have special talents? If you are especially good at something, that means you want to make billions of dollars and retire on an exotic island, right?

The answer to that is an easy no. Quite probably the easiest “no” I have ever written. If money and fame were everything, people like Elon Musk would have left the spotlight years ago. Sure, money comes with perks. People respect you and congratulate you. Still, it really isn’t everything. Money didn’t bring Batman’s parents back. That horrific tragedy propelled him to become one of the most iconic heroes in history. Not only did Batman have money, he also had special talents. He used them for the good of all humanity. His money and his talents are interchangeable—but certainly not everything.

The Disney cartoon of Marvel Rising may be one of the greatest shows on television. Currently, the show streams on Disney XD. Not only is the epic writing stellar and reminiscent of the 1993 Batman: The Animated Series (that series was so good!) but the cast is a group of misfit girls. Yes, the Powder Puff girls were rockin’ kickbutt youngins, and the writing was out of this world (you can thank Lauren Faust for that) but the audience was directed at the very young. When I was a young teenage girl, I yearned for lady characters who didn’t take their clothes off to work their magic. I found that in the 1993 Batman: The Animated Series with many of the female characters like Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Not to forget Harley Quinn, who was so much better in this series than in the recent movie featuring the epically-talented Margot Robbie.

I will always remember being a young prepubescent girl and having to special order my X-Men dolls because ToysRus didn’t sell Storm or Rogue. On a recent trip to Target I saw the characters Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, American Chavez who in the show Marvel Rising save people and go on epic quests. I never got to see that as a kid. Girls these days, they don’t know how good they have it. In my day I had to special order my heroes and hide my comics because “Good girls didn’t read that kind of garbage.” read more…

The Return of Daredevil on Netflix

Dropping at midnight Pacific Time on October 19th, the third season of the first of Netflix’s Marvel series’ is a pure joy to watch. Picking up where The Defenders left off, with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), Daredevil/The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, in New York City in the basement of a church, recovering from his miraculous survival the explosion of Midland Circle and the dragon fossils beneath it. What comes next is Matt struggling with his faith, his identity, and how to exist in the world, either as Murdock, or as Daredevil. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) puts a plan into action that would bring him and his beloved Vanessa (Ayelet Zurer) together again, as Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) work to stop him.

Cox is amazing in the role of Daredevil and it shows most in this season, in how he struggles with his faith, living in a world where such terrible things have happened to him but still wanting to believe in a God who has a plan for him. But that goes for the entire cast. Both Foggy and Karen get expanded roles and backstory in this season, stepping up from just sidekicks to real characters in their own right, and Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie) and new character Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley) as the voice of reason for Matt’s more self-destructive tendencies and a grounding found in his upbringing in a Catholic orphanage.

Charlie Cox by Gage Skidmore

The most interesting thing, I think, is the dichotomy of seeing where season three goes, Matt believing that he can’t be both Matt Murdock, attorney at law, and Daredevil, and opting to be the latter, in relation to how the first half of season two went. After all the talk that he and Punisher (Jon Bernthal) had about how some people just need to be killed, because the system doesn’t work for some people. It would seem, though Castle doesn’t show up in this season, that some of that lesson stuck. read more…

The Streaming of Wheel of Time

Image by Tor Books

Amazon, along with Sony Pictures Television are in the works to make a series out of Wheel of Time. You heard it, Robert Jordan’s epic masterpiece will be streamed in no time. Fans are already wondering how that saga could be turned into television. Yes, Game of Thrones is almost done now with only eight seasons. If you’re one of the many who’ve tackled one of George R. R. Martin’s novels, you know eight seasons doesn’t do the books justice.

Fourteen epic books encompass the world of Wheel of Time and writers like Brandon Sanderson can say their launch into fame came from being a part of Jordan’s realm. There’s something about seeing the characters we’ve come to love land on the screen. That’s the appeal of Game of Thrones. Yes, there’s a lot of added sex and violence (it is HBO) but the common thread throughout tells a story of a family coming to grips with reality and that reality being Westeros.

Whatever family you might think I am referring to, know that I am rooting for Snow and Sand. I am and shall always be for the common underdog. That’s why when Ned Stark met his fate, it became a shock to me among the fans and was a realization of the alternate reality created by Martin. After that incident, we weren’t in Kansas anymore. The HBO season is almost done and who will fill the void?

Why Amazon’s version of Wheel of Time will. You heard it, they are in the works to develop the series and we will all be at our screens panting for Jordan’s characters to go on their epic journey.

They are keeping quiet on the actors of the series and if they are slated to get some big names. Yes, the actors playing the characters created by Robert Jordan are important. Remember that Kit Harrington was a nobody before Game of the Thrones and since then he gave us Pompeii–which is in itself a masterpiece of cinema. That movie needed to be made and it couldn’t be done without the curly hair of Harrington.

Another Game of Thrones actor famous for the cruelty he endured in the Red Wedding has been said to in the works to be the next James Bond taking over for Daniel Craig. You heard it here. We are talking about Robert Madden who famously portrayed the eldest son of Ned Stark. You probably thought we were referring to Tobias Menzies who played on Game of Thrones but is best known for his role on Outlander.

Now, everyone is talking about Outlander, but it is headed toward the sunset of television too and there’s no television Stonehenge to revitalize it. In no time, television will be all about read more…

EC017: Renegade, a Tale From The Kurtherian Universe, with Guest Host Erika Everest

This week we dive into the deep end of the Kurtherian Gambit Fans Write for the Fans world.  Our story is Renegade, by Erika Everest, who joins us as our co-host.

During the show intro, we discuss her path to becoming a published author in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, and her work behind the scenes to support the Fan’s Write process.

Fans Write For the Fans Facebook links:  Kurtherian Universe, and Oriceran Universe.

Here is the blurb for Renegade from Tales From The Kurtherian Universe, Book One.

Renegade, by Erika Everest

I am one of the Drakis, the enhanced warriors of our race. Our Gods have sent us to fight ignorance and injustice in the universe, and to bring peace and enlightenment instead.

On the planet I am assigned to, I meet a native who is not grateful for our help. In fact, she despises us for our interference. Her attitude challenges my entire worldview. Is my cause truly as noble as I have always believed? Or is it something more sinister?

And what are the God’s real intentions for the Drakis?

Each of the Fan’s Write books can be purchased at Amazon.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three


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