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Good Troll Detective Giveaway day 2

Mantle & Key Paranormal Agency Book 1: The Good Troll Detective


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Half-troll. Half-human. All badass.

Maine doesn’t like her father. It doesn’t help that he’s a troll. As in a literal, lives-under-a-bridge troll.

When her father is killed, Maine returns home to settle his estate and learns that he wasn’t any ordinary troll, but the town hero.

Seems trolls can be superheroes, too.

When Maine inherited her father’s Mantle, she got more than a demonically possessed magical cape that reveals one’s weakness. She also inherited several busloads of mythical adversaries.

Thanks, Dad!

Now that she’s inherited the Mantle, her father’s assassins are coming after her.

With powerful supernatural beings gunning for her and the Mantle, Maine doesn’t have much time to learn about her magical inheritance.

She has a choice to make. Give up her father’s Mantle and return to her mundane, human life, or stay and fight.

With the help of a chihuahua-sized dire wolf, a very sexy wizard, and her father’s Mantle, Maine enters a maze of supernatural mysteries.

Will Maine uncover the truth of who her father was and why he was killed? Can she avoid her quest for that truth risking the lives of her and her friends along the way.


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We Wish You a Beachy Christmas in July: Giveaway Day 1


Magic Inc. Day one Book giveaway banner

The Evermores Chronicles Book 1: Magic Inc.


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Say the right words in just the right way, and step through a mirror into Mana Valley. A pocket dimension hidden on Oriceran.

Are you in need of high tech wands, Shifter apps, services for the dark internet or other magical technology? Well, take a chance and enter. All that and more can be found here.

Could there be a competitor on the horizon?

Fran Jackson is a clever witch with big dreams of being a magi-tech entrepreneur and the know how to make things happen. But a dark past buried in her family’s legacy may get in the way.

Magical monsters have begun crossing through the mirrors and attacking Fran’s employees.

Something dark is stirring under Mana Valley and what it wants could transform the world in terrible ways.

Will Fran and the old lineage of Evermores be able to put a stop to it before it’s too late for both worlds?

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Two new releases and a week of free books await you

If you were looking for a week to catch up on reading all the books that have released recently, this might be the best week for you to get caught up as we only have two releases this week and they don't release until Friday and Saturday. Don't worry, we'll have a lot more new releases the next few weeks to make up for it.

This also made it the perfect week for our annual Christmas in July when we give FREE books to our readers. We have six books featured this week and they're down below!​​

I have 2 amazing books launching this week, That's pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week's New Releases

Title: The Careful Revolutionary
Series: The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Book 6
Release Date: 07/15/2022

Most don’t know that love was built on a foundation of stories…

But what would happen if those stories were erased?

When a demon, bent on destroying love, travels into the past, his goal is to erase history.

And with it, the most passionate love stories of all time.

The result isn’t hate.

It’s indifference.

That’s love’s greatest enemy.


Can Paris Beaufont recreate the stories that built love’s very foundation?

Can she make them even better?

Or will lovers forget the tales that inspired undying love?


Title: The Rebel-Mage of Ziammotienth
Series: Myth of the Dragon Book 5
Release Date: 07/16/2022

The game of kings and conquerors is not meant for a mage to play, much less a thief.

Kaylin finds herself neck-deep in intrigues and dark dealings. Those she’s getting used to. She was not ready to deal with the added complication of a young and impetuous king.

Yet there is something even worse on the horizon, and no one seems willing to see it.

On the way to getting people's head out of the sand, Kaylin's got plenty to worry about.

Not the least of these concerns is keeping the city she cares about from being put to the sword.

And the stirring beneath the mountain is growing.

It won't be much longer before the world sees a change.

Kaylin can only hope what she has done makes a difference, because if they are not ready when that change comes, what will be left standing?


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The year is half over and we figured the best way to celebrate that was with our annual Christmas in July FREE book week. Here's the first two books featured. Keep an eye out for the rest to show up in the emails throughout the week!

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Dragon Missing banner

Scarlet thought she was starting to get a handle on life until she discovered her friend and only source of stability goes missing. Check out this sneak peek of Dragon Missing!

We Wish You a Beachy Christmas in July: Weeklong Giveaway

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May Your Christmas in July be Sandy and Bright

July 11 – 16, 2022

Take a sneak peek at the books coming your way this week.

Every day we will be giving away one book from our library. Click the banner above or the buttons below to be taken to the giveaway.

Be sure to check back daily to snag your Christmas in July books, and for a little extra fun enter our giveaway below. 

The Good Troll Detective

The Good Shifter

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Summertime is a Good Time for Fan Pricing Saturday July 9, 2022

Summertime good times fan pricing banner

Let's be honest when is a bad time for a great deal!

Fan Pricing Saturday, July 9, 2022

Note: We requested the price changes from Amazon on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.
All of these new releases are 99c for one day only!
And they are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Grab them today before the prices go up!

Deadly Beasts e-book cover

Deadly Beasts

Homespun Fate e-book cover

Homespun Fate

Destined e-book cover


Monster Royal e-book cover

Monster Royal

Legacy of the Shadow Blood Complete Series Boxed Set

Legacy of the Shadow Blood

About a Girl e-book cover

About a Girl

Wrath of the Cardinals e-book cover

Wrath of the Cardinal

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Gift Card Giveaway

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Jump into July Wild Wednesday July 6, 2022

Summer Wild Wednesday Banner

We can't believe it's already July, but we can believe how good these deals are!


Wild Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.




Legacy of the Shadow Blood Complete Series Boxed SetLegacy of Shadow's Blood Complete Series Boxed Set:

Sometimes, you just can't escape your past no matter how hard you try.

Lexi is learning that the hard way and it's not long before old enemies are trying to catch up with her. Then there's her nemesis…

Lexi is a magic-wielding former assassin who broke away from the shadowy organization that trained her.  Working as a private investigator, her latest case takes her and her partner to Palm Springs, where a shifter is being harassed by a local businessman. But with pack politics and rivalries, this is far more than a property deal gone bad. Far worse, for Lexi, is that her local contact is her long-time nemesis, the gay vampire detective Dick. If the case doesn’t kill her, working with him again might!

Unbelievable Deals Here



Voodoo and Vampires e-book coverVoodoo and Vampires:

When one of the world's most gifted witches becomes a vampire, you'd be wise to heed this advice: Don't f*** with her.  I’m supposed to seduce and assassinate the vampire king… He’s defied the new vampire council. The Voodoo Queen has evoked Erzulie, the Loa of Love, to render him susceptible to my allure Once I’ve enthralled the king my orders are to stake him and cast a spell to harness the power that lingers in his blood. But there’s one problem… He has enthralled me instead.  I'm Hailey Bradbury: Hedge Witch and Vampire.  My sire was staked moments after I was turned. As a youngling, the Voodoo Queen took me in. She taught me her art. I've been working with the new Mistress of the Vampire Council.  She trained me in the ways of vampirism, the path of the night.  Witchcraft + Voodoo + Vampirism = what I call bloodwitchery.  Most witches won't mess with the power latent in blood.  It's dark. It's dangerous. But if you can master it… You can harness the power of life itself.

Unbelievable Deals Here



Joanna Crusader e-book coverJoanna Crusader:

An epic novel of the Crusades.

Joanna Plantagenet accompanies her brother Richard the Lionheart on the Third Crusade—the only woman to visit Saracen-held Jerusalem. When she returns to France, Joanna learns that her renowned brother has been captured and held hostage, and with Richard’s wife Berengaria, she most work for his release. And when Joanna marries for love—a rarity at the time—things go badly wrong when she finds that someone is trying to have her killed…

This is the conclusion to the grand story of a remarkable heroine from history.

Unbelievable Deals Here



The Leira Chronicles 1 e-book coverThe Leira Chronicles Books 1-6:

Solve a murder, save her mother, and stop the apocalypse? No problem. She has a foul-mouthed troll on her side. For Austin homicide detective Leira Berens, happy is running down bad guys and solving crimes. And she’s damn good at it. Which is why when the Light Elf prince is murdered, the king breaks a centuries old treaty and crosses between worlds to seek her help. Wait a minute. An Elf? Like from Lord of the Rings or something? Yeah, Leira has a hard time accepting that. But it doesn’t matter what she believes. Magic is real, and it’s coming back with a bang. The prince’s death was only the beginning. Tracking down his killer is about more than just justice. It’s saving the world. If you’re looking for a heroine who prefers fighting to flirting, this book is for you.

Unbelievable Deals Here



The Leira Chronicles Boxed set 2The Leira Chronicles Books 2-6:

Shifters are invading Leira’s world…

Leira Berens thought the war to reclaim magic was over… but it was just beginning. Ancient magic has been uncovered and Dark Forces are putting it to good use. Anybody need a human being changed into a hairy beast to do your bidding?

History is coming back around to repeat itself… and it’s looking for a score. An old enemy will reveal themselves to tip the balance in someone’s favor as the prophesy comes to life and a new force enters the war on magic. But this time it’s going to take a little something extra from Correk’s past. Break’s over… time for Leira to go kick some ass.

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Soul Stone Mage Complete e-book coverSoul Stone Mage Complete Collection Boxed Set:

“Magic could be the very death of you…or it could be what saves the world.” In the Kingdom of Virgo, witches and wizards have lived peacefully for thousands of years. On the other side of the Dark Forest resides the Land of Terran. The humans of Terran treat those from Virgo as second-class citizens, disgracing and trapping them at every turn. After centuries of tension, a silent war is finally brewing, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Princess Azure. This young witch will soon be crowned queen of the Kingdom of Virgo. In the Dark Forest, a powerful potion-maker has been murdered. He was the key to ending the war. Charmsgood was the only wizard who could stop a deadly virus that suddenly plagues Virgo. He also could have fixed the devastation the people from Terran had done to the forest. Now he is gone. Azure must protect her people. Mend the Dark Forest. Create alliances with savage beasts. No biggie, right?

Unbelievable Deals Here



Fairhaven boxed set ebook coverThe Fairhaven Chronicles Boxed Set:

Everything you know is about to change.

Victoria Brie is getting her life together. She may be just a cashier, but she has big dreams and high hopes for what comes next. In the meantime, she has everything that matters: her family and her best friend. If only life were that simple.  When she comes home to find her parents murdered by an elf — yeah, an elf — she’s thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and a madman who wants her dead. The question is… why? Merged with a powerful artifact created by an evil mastermind, Victoria is hunted, stabbed, burned, shot, and attacked in the street… but she’s a survivor, damn it, and no one’s taking her out. She falls in love with the magical underground city of Fairhaven, and when the elf who assassinated her parents comes after her new home, she's not taking any prisoners.

Unbelievable Deals Here



The Kacy Chronicles Boxed Set e-book coverThe Kacy Chronicles Boxed Set:

Born to a wealthy Virginian family, privileged Jordan's got her life all planned out. Get her PhD, find the perfect Virginia man to marry, pop out a few more Kacy’s and make her State Senator father proud.  If only Jordan could let the past rest. When your mother disappears without a trace it carves a gash that bleeds a long time. Jordan has never given up hope that her mother is alive. So when Jordan's old nanny shows up with a mysterious locket containing a portrait of Jordan's mother, Jordan believes her hope was not in vain. When the locket opens a portal to an alternate universe and a stranger hurtles through to earth, it's not her first clue that something very strange is at play. Teaming up with Sol, a disgruntled courier who's lost his wings, Toth, a hardened aerial mercenary, and Eohne, a brilliant Elven magician-inventor, Jordan embarks on a haphazard quest.  Can Jordan find her mother and learn the truth about her disappearance? What happens when Jordan learns she is not who she thinks she is?

Unbelievable Deals Here



Midwest Magic Chronicles Boxed Set e-book coverMidwest Magic Chronicles Boxed Set:

Welcome to the Midwest, America's Heartland, home to a hidden community of witches and wizards.

When Maria Apple receives a strange music box for her nineteenth birthday, everything changes. She begins to showcase odd magical abilities, glowing blue, seeing ghosts, and talking to creatures that shouldn't be able to talk, all while trying to juggle the task of being a typical teenaged girl. Now, not only does Maria learn she is a witch, but her grandfather Ignatius reveals he was once a famous warrior from a planet named Oriceran.

Throw in a world in between the two worlds, a ghost bringing Maria an ominous warning, a race of giant spiders determined to claim the music box for their own, and Maria Apple realizes she'll never be a typical teenaged girl again. After all, it's just another day in the Midwest, where magic is real and the stakes never stop rising.

Unbelievable Deals Here




Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Gift Card Giveaway


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PREORDER ALERT: Books coming soon in July!

It's that time of the month when we let you know about all the great books coming up in July that are already available for preorders!

It's officially the 5th of July and I hope all of you have all of your fingers and toes and survived the activities of the Fourth of July with little to no injuries. I was pulling together the list of upcoming releases for this month to the sounds of fireworks exploding everywhere. And as much as I like explosions, pretty sure I'm not allowed to participate. 

There are some fantastic new series coming out during July and the first week of August – I included the full first week of August because the preorder release email won't come out until after the new release email comes out. There are also many series continuing this month and I'm sure there are many of you eagerly awaiting those new releases.

Check out all the preorders below and let me know what books you are looking forward to this month!​​​​

Reminder: These may not be the only books on preorder this month, but they are the ones currently available for preorder. Others may be added throughout the month (and looking at the calendar, I've got a good bet that there will be a few more).

Books available for preorder:

Boxed sets available for preorder:

Grave Choices

The Rebel-Mage Ziammotienth

The Careful Revolutionary

Two If By Magic

Pack Rules

Fight or Flight

Witch With An Enemy

Ready For All

Sorcery in San Francisco

New Rules for Incompetents

Undead Reckoning

The Wolf is the Pack

The Nightmare Awakens

The Kindling Burns

The Surgeon's Scalpel

Boxed sets available for preorder

Hawthorn Academy Complete Series Boxed Set

Revenant Files Complete Series Boxed Set

Barbarian Princess Complete Series Boxed Set

A Mystery Develops in this Snippet for Dragon Apparent Book 1

Dragon Missing banner

Dragon Apparent Book 1: Dragon Missing


Scarlet thought she was starting to get a handle on life until she discovered her friend and only source of stability goes missing.

Dragon Missing snippet – 


All I could hear was the slow dripping of the kitchen faucet, and that scared me more than anything. Not that it was dripping—it had done that for years—but that that was the only noise. Anthony, my sort-of mentor, was always up to something.

Taking a deep breath, I squared my shoulders and lifted my head, imagining his words.

Scarlet, posture is everything. If you want to appear calm and confident, you have to position your body in a calm and confident way. Put your head up, lift that chin. Show people you know who you are.

That was all well and good for him. He knew who he was—an eccentric handyman who lived in the bottom apartment of my block of flats and spent the rest of the time writing journalistic papers on bizarre insects from South America.

I lived in the trust fund apartment several floors up by myself. Before you ask, that didn’t make me a rich kid. I had no idea who had left me the trust fund, and it wasn’t much. It covered my rent and a few bills. I worked in a tourist café on the beach to pay the rest of the bills and save up for college.

It wasn’t going well.

Don’t get me wrong. I did my best. I worked hard since Anthony wouldn’t cut me any slack. However, life was expensive here, and I only got so many hours of work. Sometimes the tips were good, but more often, they weren’t.

Wondering why Anthony hadn’t fixed his leaky faucet, I knocked on his door again. It wasn’t like him to leave me waiting, and silence wasn’t like him either.

After a few seconds, I hmphed and tried the door handle. It wasn’t locked, and it swung open so I could look for him. It was never locked. Anthony liked an open house.

“It’s me,” I called. I’d intended to make a wisecrack about the faucet, but I stopped as soon as I saw the main room.

Anthony’s belongings were strewn everywhere, cupboards tipped out, and contents scattered. All the insect jars had been broken, and their occupants were crawling or jumping or just gone. There was no sign of my friend.

I froze, terror gripping my heart. This didn’t happen to normal people. This was like a scene on TV.

“Anthony?” I called and took another couple of steps, being careful not to crush a beetle as I moved. There was no reply.

Fear settled into my body. Bunching my hands into fists, I moved forward, making my way to the kitchen and the dripping tap.

I called my friend’s name a couple of times, but there was nothing but the drip and the strange chirp of some insect from near the back wall. This wasn’t good. I searched the living room and the kitchen, then the bedroom and the small guest room he used as an office.

They were all in the same state, and there was no sign of his laptop. I didn’t want to step on the debris or look at it too closely. Anthony was a private person, and though I was worried about him, this felt like an invasion of his privacy.

After I’d checked every room twice, I stopped. I had no idea what to do.

I’d seen cop shows where people went missing or came home to this happening in their houses, but having it actually happen? The shows skipped ahead to the cops being there. Did that mean I needed to call them? Would Anthony want me to?

I didn’t know. There might be something here that would make the situation obvious. His laptop was gone. Maybe he had taken it with him.

Theories ran through my head as I walked aimlessly through the apartment again. I didn’t know what I expected, but I looked for anything that might offer me information. I didn’t touch anything, only stooped to examine some papers that had been pulled out of a desk drawer.

They were bills and had been neatly filed away, little labels sticking up on tabs. I flipped through them until I saw a folder that said “Cotton Candy.”

Tilting my head to the side, I looked to see if anything was in it. Anthony had called me “Cotton Candy” since the day we’d met. I’d come to the apartment with no keys and no idea of how to do anything. I’d been eighteen, fresh out of high school, and more than happy to get out of state care.

He’d found me sitting on my suitcase outside the door of the apartment after an hour of knocking with no response. All I’d had with me was a big tub of cotton candy, my goodbye present from another kid.

Why did Anthony have a folder with those words on it? I knew I wasn’t supposed to touch anything, so I hooked the edge of my sleeve over my finger and thumb and used it to lift the flap on the divider.

Although it looked as if it had once contained much more, there was nothing in there now except a few photos of me. One was of Anthony and me, but it had been ripped, and I was no longer in it.

I removed the photos and shoved them into my pocket. Either Anthony had taken the rest of the contents, or someone else had. It seemed important, and that was good enough for me.

I straightened and was trying to decide if I should keep going or call the cops when I heard a noise from the front door.

“Ant?” Mrs. Jenkins called in her high-pitched voice. “I can’t get the…”

I stepped into the living room, and her voice trailed off as she looked around. Her shock equaled mine when I’d found the place.

“What on earth happened?” she asked, her voice going up another octave.

“I…don’t know. I only got here a moment ago. He’s not here.”

“Oh, you poor thing. This isn’t the kind of thing a young ‘un like you should see.” She opened her arms, intending to hug me.

My body went to her automatically. I’d been in enough foster homes where everyone wanted to welcome you as if you were part of their family that I knew it was better to get it over with.

She ushered me out of the building as she embraced me.

“Stay here. I’ll call the police, and we’ll let them sort it out.” She pulled out her cell phone, the kind where the font was extra large, and the case was almost as big as the device.

I watched her struggle to open it and figure out how to dial 911. I considered offering to do it for her since the wait was painful, but it wouldn’t help. Mrs. Jenkins liked to mother people, especially me.

Eventually, she got the police on the phone and gave them the building address and a brief explanation of what we’d found. By brief, I mean she told them how dreadful it was and that a young girl shouldn’t have been the first to find it. The male voice on the other end eventually cut her off and told her someone was on the way, but it might take half an hour because it didn’t sound like we were in danger.

Mrs. Jenkins didn’t think this was good enough and sucked in a breath to say so, but the dispatcher hung up. That left her with no one but me to talk to.

There was an awkward pause where I thought she was trying to decide whether I needed mothering or if she could complain more. If I had not also been confused and worried, I might have tried to look more upset so she stuck with mothering me.

“Some people really shouldn’t be in jobs like that,” she stated, her chins wobbling as she lifted them higher.

She sucked in another breath, confirming my fear that I would have to listen to her whine about the cops these days and how awful this was for her.

“Here’s us, finding such a horrible thing. No idea if Anthony is even alive. No one to fix the problems in our houses, and they want to make us wait half an hour for someone to even come and look. You shouldn’t be exposed to such a thing, and I shouldn’t be on my feet for so long. My ankles. I’m not young anymore. I was saying to June only yesterday how…”

I zoned out and thought about finding a file titled with my nickname that had photos of me in it. That didn’t make sense. I wasn’t special. Barely even needed Anthony to do much these days. I’d watched him fix things for a year.

Now I mostly talked to him to hear someone’s voice. We also played board games and cards. He liked to play games, and I didn’t mind.

Anthony had many board games. Not like Monopoly or Risk or the cheap, tacky games based on books or movies when they were popular. His made you think. They were obscure, expensive, and had lots of pieces and long rule books.

We could play for hours and not grow bored, and we had. It was a good way to spend a Saturday evening.

Not that I was a geek or a nerd. I liked to party and drink, and I took care of my hair and makeup. You didn’t survive the other girls in the foster homes if you didn’t look and sound like you fit in. I didn’t have to do that with Anthony, though. He didn’t care.

“And the poor little fluff ball. He’ll be meowing for me already.” Mrs. Jenkins paused to take another breath.

“Maybe you should go back to him,” I interjected, sensing my moment.

“And leave you here with this horrible mess? You’ll be scarred for life.”

“I’m much calmer now. Knowing the cops are on the way is a big help. I can stay here. Mr. Leroy really shouldn’t be left alone. You know he gets in awful scrapes when you’re not there.”

“He does, doesn’t he? He’s a silly cat. Are you sure you’ll be fine? You still look pale.” She squinted at me as if checking my skin tone.

“I’ve been indoors a lot lately. It’ll do me good to be out here in the sun.”

That did the trick. Mrs. Jenkins nodded, thought about her cat, and left. Her apartment was on the other side of the building.

I exhaled as I watched her go. At first, I felt better, being able to think without her chatter, but then I noticed how quiet it was. And that Anthony wasn’t here.

I didn’t do panic since there wasn’t much point. It wasted time and energy and didn’t achieve anything. This strange lack of surety was the closest I came to it. I was no stranger to hunger or thirst, and I didn’t know what it was to feel safe. Most people who made threats had no follow-through, and the ones who did knew what they wanted and made their expectations clear.

There was nothing to panic about.

Now, however, I wondered if it might help. I had feelings I didn’t know what to do with. I was worried. I liked Anthony, and I couldn’t say that about many people. He’d never not been there, not since the first day, when he’d found me a key to my apartment and gotten the power on for me.

I didn’t need him now the way I’d needed him then, but I wanted him, and I was sure he wasn’t coming back. At least not right away.

It left me with one painful realization: I was on my own. Again.



It's not enough that Anthony is missing but that he has mysterious information about her in his apartment. Find out what happens next on July 7th when Dragon Apparent Book 1: Dragon Missing is released. Head over to Amazon and pre-order it today.

Dragon Missing e-book cover


You won't get burned by these hot, new releases

I hope this blog post finds most of you before you get started on your day – especially if you are planning extracurricular activities to celebrate July 4th! Now, be sure not to blow your fingers off because I understand it's pretty hard to read with damaged fingers when using a Kindle. In all seriousness, we hope you have a fun and Happy 4th of July and are safe while celebrating!

But, just because it's a holiday, it doesn't mean our releases are taking a holiday. Quite the opposite. In fact this week, I have 6 amazing books launching and one of those released this morning. That's pretty sweet for a holiday, right?

This Week's New Releases

Title: Monster Royale
Series: One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 3
Release Date: 07/04/2022

When a soldier has survived so many ‘impossible’ missions, the word almost loses its meaning.

Until that soldier gets a mission brief so brutal the description makes them hesitate…

Bring it. Nothing is going to stop Joe. He has taken on every mission they’ve sent his way to date and come out on top.

Having reestablished his cred and made a proper name for himself, Joe has earned some trust from the Vale council, which comes with both perks and downsides.

When a known Komran outpost that has recently been upgraded shows signs of staging an invasion, there are only two options: commit to a full-force assault and lose many lives and ships to take the base, or send in a small, elite team to take on an entire base by themselves.

The council believes the barbarian has done well so far. Why not risk his team’s necks first and see how it goes before scheduling that assault?

Joe and his team must make their way to a planet that has been under Komran control for decades, travel through unforgiving and poorly-mapped terrain, and destroy a base filled with hundreds of aliens to prevent a potential invasion at the humans’ back door.

For once, Joe feels that what’s being asked of him is more than a challenge. This feels suicidal…

Title: Deadly Beasts
Series: Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Book 4
Release Date: 07/05/2022

The Grim Reaper has been benched.

There hasn’t been a soul to reap in months.

What did my brother do that has the gods in such a tizzy?

It isn’t like people stopped dying. If the reapers aren’t ushering the souls of the deceased into the afterlife, someone else… or something else… will do the job.

Mercenary monsters of ancient lore have emerged to fill the void.

Banshees. Hellhounds. Soul-rippers. All under the command of some other god…

Whoever he is, he’s no friend to the Olympians.

These deadly beasts can’t be controlled.

The more souls they harvest, the more powerful their god becomes.

Can I stop them before they ravage humanity? Before these monsters and their death-god take over the underworld forever?

Title: Wrath of the Cardinal
Series: Rise Of The Grandmaster Series Book 3
Release Date: 07/05/2022

Keep your enemies closer…

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook, Rise of the Grandmaster.

The Blue Dagger Society is formed and the fourth member of their party JaKobi joins the group.

They’ll be a real guild once he gets over his fear of fighting.

Tim starts a clinic to heal the needy.

His altruism upsets Cardinal Jepsom.But everything Tim does upsets the cardinal.

He has to stay one step ahead if he wants to reach level ten and the first class change quests.

Tim is imprisoned by the cardinal, who sets him up to be killed by wraiths.

The jaws of defeat were never supposed to have so many teeth…

Tim breaks out of the prison dungeon with the help of his friends. Can they get it together and come out on top in the final showdown with Cardinal Jepsom?

Title: About A Girl
Series: Gallows Hill Academy Series Book 3
Release Date: 07/06/2022

You know what they say about juggling too many eggs.

NOTE: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Sorrow and Joy.

So far, I’ve fixed my reputation, made friends, and proved myself on a massively important Quest in the faerie realm’s Uncharted Seas. I realized my lifelong dream of seeing ghosts, and it was as awesome as I’d imagined.

My brother even got a second chance. But something’s dropping away.

My grades.

With my barely-passing D average, the school counselors all agree I’m in trouble.

Learning disabilities run in my family and it turns out I’ve got ADHD. Fortunately, the school has a plan to get me back on track—as long as I can stick to it..

Can I learn to work with my neurodiversity, or will I be the seventh flunk-out in my family?

Title: Dragon Missing
Series: Dragon Apparent Book 1
Release Date: 07/07/2022

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?

Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardian missing and strange events happening wherever she goes, she is forced to confront the truth and accept her true nature.

Will she become what she needs to be?

Hunted and adjusting to a new reality, can Scarlet find her friend and companion? Or will she be too late to save him?

Title: Battleflight
Series: Lone Wolf Squadron Book 2
Release Date: 07/08/2022

Misfit Pilots, Missing Colonists, and Murderous Mercenaries

The frontier is beginning to feel like home for the ragtag team who came together to fight the good fight and found a family in the process. Commander Beau Ward must take the fight to the pirates to rescue the rest of the colonists.

To succeed, he needs a bigger team.

The Admiral assigns the men Beau needs, but the newcomers are, unsurprisingly, misfits with a secret of their own that could compromise the entire mission.

Meanwhile, Katy has a different kind of miracle to pull off. One that draws attention from all the wrong places…

With increasing danger on every front, can Beau pull the squadron together in time to win the battle and bring the colonists home?

Lone Wolf Squadron might have won the initial battle, but they still could lose the war.

A new humorous sci-fi series is coming your way in the second half of July. Don't miss out on this new adventure!

A new sci-fi series is coming your way this July!

July marks the start of the second half of the year and boy has the first half of 2022 zipped right past us. We could blame (thank) all the authors for giving us exciting new series to dive into each month, right? And July is no exception.

However, it is summer, and we only have one new series launching this month, but we're sure it's going to take you to exciting new worlds as it's a humorous science fiction adventure. Check it out below!


If you enjoy humorous science fiction, this series will be perfect for you…

Ben “Coop” Cooper is a down-on-his-luck movie star, looking for one last lead role before he dies.

An alien robot makes him an offer he can't refuse: he gets to star as the lead in a new movie IF he takes part in a medical experiment. Seems like a reasonable expectation and he accepts, not knowing there is no movie and they intend to kill him once they're done experimenting.

But nothing goes as planned.

And now Coop has new abilities he has to figure out… if he can live long enough to do so.

Preorder your copy of Fight or Flight, book 1 of Adrenaline Rush, to join Coop on his adventure on July 21! 

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the new series coming your way.  We'll be back later in July to tell you about the new series arriving in August! More exciting new series will be coming your way later this year!