Beyond the Pack

Beyond the Pack

Just when Maggie thinks it’s safe to relax, her life takes another turn down crazy avenue.

The biggest surprise should be that Cole turned out to be a baddie, but the possibility she might sorta have something going on with Liam eclipses everything else.


Maggie isn’t exactly comfortable trusting her instincts right now.

Does she decide to handle this in a totally mature way? If “totally mature” means running away, sure.

The only way Maggie can keep her head above water is to get out of the pool. But will distance give her the perspective she needs?

The world is full of mysteries for a PI to unravel, especially when that PI comes from a family steeped in secrets.

Having enough skeletons in the family closet to populate a graveyard aside, Maggie is about to learn that some secrets are far, far stranger than anyone could have guessed…

…and that knowledge always comes with a choice.

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