The Exiled Mark

The Exiled Mark

What’s it going to take for Maggie to get a moment alone with her thoughts?

Usually, when you squabble with a sibling, they aren’t stuck inside your head. But that’s how things are for Maggie and Matt, and it’s becoming unbearable.

Not that they have time to focus on a solution.

Maggie has shifter packs from all over the world hunting her, and she can’t stay on the run forever.

The question is, how does she get a bunch of shifters who think the only known female shifter is an abomination to just…leave her alone? And how does she get the covens who want to study her to just…leave her alone?

Maggie has no idea, so she does the next best thing. Or, not the next best thing. A ridiculous thing.

She sets out to find the father who abandoned her and her brother and get the answer to why.

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