Shifting Truths

Shifting Truths

Maggie’s life isn’t simple anymore, but it’s better than the lonely landscape it used to be.

It’s high time Maggie got a break after tracking down a bunch of kidnapped children, then solving the mystery involving a sorceress and a vampire who were both using her to get back at one another.

It almost makes her miss the cheating spouse cases. Almost.

But everyone’s life is complicated, right? It’s not just her.

She’s now working with the vampire who just so happens to be her boyfriend’s estranged father. No, her boyfriend does not know she’s working with his dad.

While that argument waiting to happen brews, there are other things to worry about. A terrified kid comes to Maggie’s office and tells her his family might be the ones supplying a new drug in town—a drug that affects magicals and a-magicals alike.

Before she knows it, Maggie is drawn into a world where the stakes are higher than can imagine, and the perpetrators are more than willing to kill a lone PI who is sticking her nose into their business.

Can Maggie survive taking on her biggest case to date? More, can she come out of the family drama with her relationship intact?

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