The Wolf is the Pack

The Wolf is the Pack

What do you do when your long-lost heritage comes calling?

Between their father leaving and their mother dying, neither Maggie nor Matt were ever affiliated with a pack.

When a werewolf shaman shows up looking for Matt, Maggie suddenly has a glimpse into a world she never expected to see…

…as well as a chance to figure out what’s going on with her powers.

Maggie cons her way into the pack to learn about her family and herself.

Things get complicated when one of the male shifters in the pack becomes sure Maggie is his fated mate.

Though she feels guilty, Maggie’s sense of belonging and her genuine attraction to the shifter complicate things, drawing her in closer.

One thing leads to another, and a series of accidents reveals her secrets to the pack.

Now, one half believe she’s an abomination, while the other half are vying to get her genetics for their bloodlines.

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