Shield of the Pack

Shield of the Pack

Surrounded by enemies and no good choices.

Maggie has been on the run from her old pack, so she’s stunned when they show up to ask for her help. She knows they wouldn’t ask her for anything unless they had no other choice.

She has no idea just how bad their situation is.

The Bitterfur pack has been targeted by a complex and powerful spell that is draining the power from the shifters.

It shouldn’t be possible, but the proof is right there for Maggie to see. If she does nothing, it’s the end for the pack.

Maggie swallows her pride and agrees to put past hurts aside for the moment and do what she can to save the people who did her wrong.

Just as the Bitterfurs had to turn to their enemy, now Maggie has to turn to hers.

Will Cyrilla take pity on the pack? Or will she turn Maggie away?

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